Bring them back
from the brink.

A run to raise funds for the conservation of African Wild Dogs and awareness of how close they are to extinction.

The Story

In 1996, a group of schoolboys set off on a 1,000km run across Zimbabwe to raise funds for the conservation of African Wild Dogs – a species facing the very real threat of extinction.

The boys completed the run, generated significant interest in an animal not commonly known to be endangered and raised a staggering $47,000 to support conservation efforts.

Those boys are now men. And in December 2016, they will reunite to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of the event by completing the run again. The intent will be the same – to do something meaningful to protect one of Africa’s most iconic animals. A forgotten species. A species that doesn’t generate the same attention as rhinos or elephants, yet is equally as important.

Engaging the next generation is a critical part of the project, so it won’t just be the original team doing the 2016 run. Twenty students from the Peterhouse Group of Schools will also take part – becoming a vital link from the past to the future as the responsibility of doing everything possible to avoid Wild Dogs being wiped out forever is shared.

The Facts

Fact 1


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African Wild Dogs remain in the wild.
In Zimbabwe, there are estimated to be less than 700.

Fact 2

African wild dogs are a unique and Endangered species.

Wild Dogs have a unique evolutionary lineage and are more closely related to wolves than to domestic dogs.

Fact 3

Human-wildlife conflict endangers African wild dogs.

Human-wildlife conflict and poaching threaten wild dogs. Snaring is also a significant problem – both as a direct threat as well as by depleting their prey.

Fact 4

African Wild dogs are losing their living spaces.

As human populations expand, leading to agriculture, settlements, and roads, African wild dogs are losing the spaces in which they were once able to roam freely.

Fact 5

Every African Wild Dog is Unique.

Every wild dog is individually identifiable with a unique coat pattern.

Support the Cause

Running for Wild Dogs is all about raising awareness and vital funds for the conservation of African Wild Dogs. Our vision is to save this unique animal from extinction.

We have partnered with two organisations at the frontline of conservation efforts – Painted Dog Conservation and African Wildlife Conservation Fund. The majority of funds raised from Running for Wild Dogs will be donated to these two organisations to support their important work, which includes:

Anti-Poaching Efforts

Providing direct protection for the Wild Dogs while also protecting their habitat and the species with which they coexist.


Caring for injured or orphaned Wild Dogs or relocating entire packs from problem areas.

Conservation Education

Engaging local communities in a host of ways to educate both the young and old about Wild Dogs. Activities include children’s bush camps, school libraries, tree planting, clean up campaigns and more.

Community Outreach

Assistance with community support, such as conducting HIV/AIDS testing at local hospitals and providing clean and reliable water sources, is one of the most effective ways to foster goodwill towards Wild Dogs.

Wild Dog Warriors

An army of dedicated workers, volunteers and educators set out daily across Zimbabwe to do everything they can to protect the Wild Dogs.


This event can’t and won’t happen successfully without the support of sponsors. Running for Wild Dogs would like to thank all sponsors for their generous donations of time, money and logistical support.


If you’d like to sponsor or support Running for Wild Dogs in any way, we’d love to hear from you.

Please get in touch via [email protected] or call (+61) 0403 514 306.